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Marine refrigeration on Boat and Yacht

Of all the essential appliance we use in on the Yacht every day, the marine refrigerator ice maker and wine cooler is the one that often gets taken for granted on the boat. Being able to go and grab some cold drink isn’t normally something we consider a particular luxury – but when you’re dealing with a broken down ice maker freezer or wine cooler it quickly develops to a big problem.

The ability to store chilled and frozen goods aboard a superyacht isn’t quite as simple as fitting the same kind of fridge-freezer you’d have in your kitchen at home. In fact, marine refrigeration is quite a specialized field.

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Avoiding the most common Boat & yacht refrigeration problems

Three of the most common problem areas regarding marine refrigerators are around spacing, power consumption, and durability. In Miami Florida, the heat and ventilation is a big factor in cooling in general

Power consumption, in particular, it is very important to the successful running of a marine refrigerator You need to consider what the unit you plan on using was made to do and how much power it will consume. Not having enough power available for the unit that’s installed will cause the freezer/refrigerator to not run properly

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